• Marker Breakdown & Comparison Chart

    COPIC is the marker with alcohol-based dye ink. The versatile COPIC Markers are loved by professionals in a broad range of industries - such as product design, architecture, fashion design, comic illustration, automotive design and crafts.
  • Copic Color System

    Colors of Copic markers are organized in an unique “Copic Color System” so that you can select colors intuitively. Once you understand the system you will quickly be able to figure out what the color qualities of a marker are just by reading the number on a cap.

  • How to Refill Ink
 & Replace Nibs

    Various Ink refills are part of what make the Copic system special. All 358 marker colors have a matching bottle of ink. If a nib of your marker get damaged, dirty, or broken you can easily replace it.

  • The Basics : Brush & Broad Nibs

    Medium Broad Nib The Medium Broad Nib is perfect for coloring large area.   For drawing bold lines (slant marker & use the flat part of ni...
  • The Basics : Layering Colors

    Learn the basics of coloring with layers and creating new colors with Copic markers.  Copic inks can be layered and blended on paper. Since the color blended later has a stronger effect on the final color, you may create new color by changing the order.
  • The Basics : Blending Techniques

    Coloring in a zig-zag motion creates textures with your Copic marker. Coloring in small circles creates eveness and helps to blend color with your Copic marker. Markers blend seamlessly together depending on what technique you use.
  • The Basics : Copic Colorless Blender No.0

    Color No. 0 (Colorless Blender) is a clear, alcohol-based solvent which can be used for a variety of purposes such as fading/blending colors, pre-soaking paper, or adding highlights into areas that are already colored. Also it’s easy to use the pushing qualities of the Colorless Blender to fix coloring mistakes.