How to Refill Ink
 & Replace Nibs

How to Refill Marker

Various Ink refills are part of what make the Copic system special. All 358 marker colors have a matching bottle of ink.

Drip Method

Copic Sketch marker uncapped on both sides of marker
Uncap both ends of the marker (Sketch, Classic and Ciao).


Copic Various Ink refilling the nib of a Copic Sketch marker
Hold the marker at an angle and drip ink onto the broad nib, one drop at a time, checking fullness every few drops.

* Dab any excess ink with tissue and clean any spills with rubbing alcohol.


How to Replace Marker Nibs

Worn Super Brush nib
If a nib of your marker get damaged, dirty, or broken you can easily replace it.

Tweezers pulling out Super Brush nib from Copic Sketch marker
Using the tweezer tool, pull the nib out of the marker slowly to avoid splash of ink; for brush nibs, be sure to grip the nib firmly at the base.

Hand inserting new Super Brush nib into Copic Sketch marker
Carefully insert the new nib.


  • Be careful not to spill the ink when you pull the nib out of the marker.
  • If the amount of ink is decreased in inner cotton, the penetration of ink into the new nib will be slower than usual. Refill with the ink in that case.
  • After replacing the nib, it may take a little time until the color becomes stable.